Come observe and learn how cutting-edge technologies can be
used in your property to make your guest experience safer,
secure, easier, and a more enjoyable stay. Tech experts will be on
hand to demonstrate how the latest devices can make a huge
positive experience for you and your team.


Lighting installation and design use illumination to achieve a
practical or aesthetic effect. It includes both artificial light sources
like lamps and light fixtures, as well as enhanced performance
lights to improve the appearance of an area.
Meet design companies that specialize in interior lighting, graphics,
consultation designs for the hospitality business.


Learn how travel and transport agencies, flight
carriers provide travel and tourism related services to
the clients/public on behalf of suppliers such as booking
the best hotels within and outside Nigeria, airlines, car
rentals, hotels, railways, cruise lines, travel insurance,
and package tours. Learn of new deals and offers and
how making travel and hotel arrangements for business
or vacation travelers can be done easily for a discounted


Hoteliers, lovers of travel and food, all who want a career in
the hospitality industry will need to have relevant
skills with a commitment to customer service, good inter-personal
and problem-solving skills, organizational skills and the
willingness to work as part of a team. Find out how
you can gather these skills, train your employees,
heads of departments and enhance your workforce,
services/business to a professional grade.


From tasty meals served hot to mixed cocktails,
mocktails, non-alcoholic and alcoholic premium brands,
it will be a delight for attendees/exhibitors
to have a variety of choices to make when their
taste buds come calling and when the need arises
for a true hospitality experience.


Whether you are a hotelier, operator, investor, developer,
HEN provides the perfect place for you to meet one-on-one
with many of your industry peers, suppliers and form
new partnerships that could transform your business.
An opportunity to network, to share ideas and to build
partnerships for tourism projects, hotel transactions,
as well as review ideas that are common and remain as
challenges to the business.