How are you? How is your business holding up with the removal of fuel subsidy? 

We understand that with the removal of the subsidy, there is a shift to the usual running of businesses in terms of an increase in the price of logistics, a review in profit & income of employees, a hike in prices of goods and so on.

For hoteliers, restaurateurs, tech-preneurs, and other hospitality industry-related companies and services, the removal of fuel subsidy makes it costlier to maintain a standard of good customer service, especially in situations of power outages and having to run on a generator for a while. This also provides the opportunity for energy and power alternatives. Especially for companies to showcase how best businesses can use alternative means to keep the business going.


Despite all these setbacks and constraints, we at HEN keep a positive attitude when we experience setbacks. We take such moments to regroup and see how best to press forward. With this attitude, we cannot help being optimistic about HEN 2023.

There are some companies onboard already; Jara Beach Resort (, ReelFruit (, Art Minds Decor , Avoire voltic( (, Leola Hotel ( and many more to be announced this week. We look forward to having you join the HEN 2023 train as they have.


If you plan to attend HEN 2023, kindly click this link to register for FREE!!!

One of the highlights of HEN is our networking mix in the evening for both days. Have a long workday? HEN has got you covered on both days of her event.

The networking evenings are days to unwind, mingle with others, enjoy good music, some finger foods and cocktails on the go. These are some highlights of the evening (Nightlife). You do not want to miss out on it.

We encourage you to join us on this journey of HEN 2023.

We can assure you will not regret it.

Kindly reach out at or on WhatsApp on 09090007835 for further enquiries.



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